We are a family business

As is the case with our subsidiaries, we attach great importance to independence and autonomy. Our corporate culture is characterised by integrity, openness, honesty, confidence and reliability. We want to develop our subsidiaries and perpetuate their traditions, values and cultures; maintain established production locations; and secure and develop jobs for the long term.

The home for manufacturers

One thing all our subsidiaries have in common is an absolute drive for quality which is expressed in unique and high-quality products and services. The v. Nordeck Group is therefore made up exclusively of businesses that bear the distinctive stamp of enterprising managers and the pursuit of a long-term, forward-looking strategy.

The place for people

The people in our group are our most valuable capital and so motivating and developing our employees is very important to us. Our employees feel good, they communicate openly with one another, they show mutual respect and take pleasure in their work. They are productive, committed, loyal and proud to be part of our group.